Ashton Kutcher's New Girlfriend Isn't as Smart as Demi Moore

ashton kutcherWell, that wasn't fast at all! Looks like Ashton Kutcher already has a new girlfriend. The Two and a Half Men star and recent divorcee spent his Christmas with screenwriter Lorene Scafaria, who was up until recently linked to Adam Brody (who I much preferred with his OC co-star Rachel Bilson). Us Weekly has pics of the two doing the tourist thing together in Italy (how romantic) -- driving around in a Porsche Carrera Sports 2011 and a witness claims, the two "held hands" (gasp) and "shared spaghetti, and he paid."

Sounds like amore! So why does the news make me cringe SO HARD? 


Probably because I can't believe how dopey this Scafaria chick must be! It hasn't even been two months since Demi made the divorce news official, and yet, Ashton seems to be thinking he can move on in a big way. See, we're not just talking about shtupping starstruck barely legal types anymore. Romantic involvement is a whole different ball game, people! And when your heart's involved, there's usually another word attached: Monogamy. Does Lorene really think Ashton is prepared to give or even capable of giving that to her?

We all want to think we'll be the woman who can finally change a cheater like Ashton Kutcher, but it rarely works that way. Sure, perhaps there were plenty of problems in his marriage to Demi that were specific to their relationship, but the fact that he dealt with it with serial doggin' around shows he would be in any relationship. Demi realized that he wasn't going to change his nasty ways, and she had the brains and the balls to call it quits. As for Lorene? If she thinks she's going to be able to a.) change him or b.) put up with him, she's clearly not nearly as savvy as Ashton's now ex-wife.

Maybe things are carefree, romantic, sexy, and all bella vita for these two right now, but as soon as things get a little rough, I don't think any woman would want to be in Lorene's shoes!

Do you think cheaters ever change? Could you see Ashton being faithful to this new gf?


Image via Tech Crunch/Flickr

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