Steven Tyler's Engaged & No One's Happy About It

steven tylerSteven Tyler, everyone's favorite underweight judge from American Idol, got engaged this weekend to his girlfriend Erin Brady, whom he's been dating for years. Normally a marriage proposal is something to celebrate, but it doesn't sound like any bottles will be popped by members of Steven's family -- TMZ reports that his relatives are none to pleased by the news. Apparently, Erin's a meanie. She's been rude to the family who, to compound the problem, were blindsided by the engagement. Sources say Steven proposed without first telling his closest kin about his intention, and now they're feeling slighted.

I don't know how many healthy and long-lasting marriages start out with a giant riff between the incoming bride and the groom's family, but this doesn't bode well.


I have no idea who this Erin chick is or what her intentions are, but I hope they're pure. Steven's got a crap ton of money, and a crap ton of scarves and mid-driff baring tops from Wet Seal, so if Erin's into any of those things, she may be marrying him just to get her paws in his bank account and in his teeny-bopper wardrobe. Something tells me that since his family doesn't like her, Erin has to be more than just "mean."

Plus, Steven's a flirt. In fact, he's so flirtatious that it makes me uncomfortable. Not a female contestant passes by on American Idol without a leering glance from Steven. He's like the over-sexed grandpa you never wished for, but with more eyeliner and feathers in his hair. He's a rock star with rock star tendencies -- even the underage teenage girls aren't safe from his not-so-subtle hints about how he'd like to get them home and rub his wrinkly body with theirs. It's gross, if not a little disturbing. And this guy is getting married? Strike two.

When the family hates the bride-to-be, and the groom can't let a skirt walk by without making some libidinous comment, we've got problems.

I hope Steven, Erin and the Tyler family work it all out and become one big happy clan, but only time will tell. In the meantime, we can watch Steven lust after contestants starting next month on AI.

If your family hated your fiance, would you marry them anyway?


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