Latest Jennifer Aniston Wedding News Will Inspire Other Brides

las vegas chapel Just last week, we were gawking about Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux's joint holiday card. And this week, it seems like they may have one more trick up their sleeves to drop in loved ones' mailboxes. That holiday card may have served as serious foreshadowing ... for a wedding invite! Yup. Word on the street is these two crazy kids are about to tie the knot -- by eloping!

They were thinking of doin' the barefoot on the beach thing in Cabo San Lucas, but then the press caught wind of that, they may have decided to get hitched in upstate New York! (Although, since we're now talking about the new location, shouldn't that mean it'll actually happen somewhere else completely? Ha!) Either way, though, the source that talked to OK! magazine said the wedding is bound to happen "sooner rather than later" and likely before the year is out.

Sure, it may just be hearsay, but if J&J do go the elopement route, they'll be helping out tons of future brides!


With the holidays being "engagement season," you hear so much buzz about how the newly engaged couples are going to have to start looking ASAP to secure dates in 2013! It seems like the general wisdom goes that you don't get married less than a year out ... unless there are some strange circumstances, like you're trying to tie the knot before your baby bump becomes conspicuous or something like that.

Sure, plenty of people could care less about this and plan a wedding in six months, but I bet they're in the minority. And those who head off and get married at a moment's notice a la eloping -- even fewer! It's as though there's this huge taboo around getting married sans major planning ... like everyone who does it ends up in some seedy Las Vegas "Chapel O' Love."

Yeah, it does bear noting that Jen and Justin likely have unlimited resources and cashola to make last-minute "I do"s more manageable, but I'm sure any couple could do it if they really wanted to. And think about all the perks of eloping ... It means only the most VIP people will attend, there will be less time to have to argue with your mom or in-laws-to-be over meaningless minutiae, not to mention the exhilaration of just doing it instead of talking about it and hemming and hawing over it for MONTHS.

For many brides, having the time to plan is definitely prudent, but perhaps others would love to elope if they felt like it would be more acceptable. With hope, Jen and Justin's nuptials could make that happen! After all, Jen set a whole new tone for millennial weddings when she wed Brad. I wouldn't put it past her to do it again!

Would you elope or if you're married, do you wish you had?


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