Danny Gokey's New Fiance Is the Coolest, Most Secure Woman on Earth

danny gokeyThe holidays are always primetime for celebrity proposals, and Season 8 American Idol alum Danny Gokey is no exception. He's engaged to his girlfriend, Leyicet Peralta! Those who watched the show may remember him as the guy whose wife tragically died during heart surgery, so how awesome that he's found love again. He's getting remarried on January 29, but here's the strange thing -- in lieu of wedding gifts, the couple has asked for donations to be made to a charity Gokey set up in honor of his late wife, Sophia.



I'm having problems comprehending that last bit -- in lieu of wedding gifts, the couple requests donations to the charity, Sophia's Heart, set up in Gokey's late wife's name.

I just ... I don't get it.


Now I'm about as un-romantic as someone with a pulse can be, and I can take or leave weddings regardless of who is at the alter. I'm not overly gushy about dresses or rings or table settings, which makes me in the small minority, I know. And I think that asking that donations to a charity rather than flatware I'll never use and an iron I don't need is much more full of the awesome. Hell, I run my OWN charitable organization so I know how hard donations are to come by.

But I think on my wedding day, I'd like to have it be about my new husband and I. And I'm not sure that, with a request for donations to a charity set up in my new husband's late wife's name, I could feel it was about us. Unless it was about the THREE of us. But in that case, I'm not sure I'd even want to be married at all.

See, as much as I dislike weddings, I am a firm believer in marriage. If I felt that my new husband was making the day about the three of us -- me, my husband, and his late wife, I'd probably back out. As much as I'd want to, I'm not sure I could be the bigger person there.

So to you, Mrs. Danny Gokey-to-be, I salute you for being a better, kinder, and more charitable person than I. I wish you both the best of luck.

Er, should that be, the three of you?

How would you feel about your future spouse's ex having such a large presence at your wedding?


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