Robert Pattinson Gave Kristen Stewart Exactly What She Needed on Christmas

breaking dawn still kristen stewart rob pattinsonFor the second year in a row, Hollywood lovebirds Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart spent Christmas apart ... despite previous rumors to the contrary. Rob was spotted having a low-key night out at a London pub with his best friends on Christmas eve, including his best friend Tom Sturridge's ex-girlfriend Nettie. Wuh-oh! Could this signal trouble in Twilight paradise?

Nah! If anything, it's a sign that these two are more in sync than ever before.


I don't think Rob and Kristen are a couple who clings to one another nonstop and can't let one another out of their sight. Sure, there are lots of rumors about jealousy, but meh -- passing phase! Moreover, they both seem like fiercely independent, self-assured people who do just fine on their own, too. And Kristen strikes me as the kind of chick who'd go a little kooky if her boyfriend was always breathing down her neck, you know? Case in point: Last year, K-Stew was spied out in L.A. with her good friend and On the Road co-star Garrett Hedlund on Christmas eve. Hence why Rob is even more perfect for her, because he seems to value time with his loved ones across the pond ... especially around the holidays. Also, who doesn't love a family man?!

As the Elvis song goes, we're supposed to end up having a "Blue Christmas" without our lovers, but that's not always the case. Sometimes a little time away to carry on traditions with good friends and family is exactly what we need. I've spent holidays away from my boyfriend, because I wanted to be with my family on Thanksgiving, and he wanted to be with his. No biggie. Seems like that's exactly what's going on here with R-Pattz and K-Stew.

Who knows, maybe they'll be together for New Year's! But if they're not, and they're spotted again on separate continents, I wouldn't immediately think it was cause for concern. Instead, it probably just means they're giving one another the space they both need to be themselves. 

Do you think being with your significant other around the holidays is a must?

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