25 Things Women Wish Men Knew

Women can be complicated, I know. I'm a woman and I barely understand myself most days. I like to think that adds some allure, but I'm not so sure.

Anyway, I've done my fair share of dating (and mating!) and, with the help of a bunch of girlfriends, have come up with 25 things women want men to know. Feel free to add yours in the comments, since we all know a list of 25 is just the tip of the iceberg! And so as not to leave the men out high and dry — you can see (and agree or disagree with) my personally formulated list of 25 Things Men Wish Women Knew.


1) I may love my mother, but I'm scared shitless I'm going to become her.

2) Saying "I love you" during, before or after sex doesn't count.

3) Don't lie to us. We CAN handle the truth.

4) We love it when you hug us from behind and kiss our neck.

5) When we ask how we look, "Fine" is never an appropriate answer. Fine = ugly, in our head.

6) For a couple of days before my period, I'm irrationally POSITIVE that I'm pregnant.

7) Not calling when you say you will is a cardinal sin.

8) Sometimes, we really DO have a headache.

9) We don't mind being kissed on the first date — we usually like it.

10) Okay, we're independent-minded women, but we still like it when you pull out chairs for us.

11) Sometimes, we just need to talk about it.

12) We don't expect you to pay for everything all of the time.

13) We don't always need our problems solved by you.

14) Don't talk smack about our mothers — even if we are.

15) The word "cute" can mean everything from adorable to handsome.

16) Skinny jeans are never okay for you to wear. Ditto leather pants.

17) Porn is hot. Having porn sex? Not hot. Please don't practice what you see in porn.

18) Don't play stupid games.

19) Bad hygiene is a turn-off. Brush your teeth, manscape, take care of yourself.

20) Never, ever, tell us we're "overreacting."

21) Compliment us. And not by using the word "fine."

22) We like it when you get emotional. Just don't start weeping at Lifetime Movie of the Week previews.

23) Take control in the bedroom.

24) We know you're visual creatures. Just don't be open about ogling that hot waitress.

25) It's the little things that matter. Honestly.


What can you add to this list?


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