25 Things Men Wish Women Knew

Women, well, we think we have it all figured out. Men are simple creatures. They want a couple of things and that's it ... right?

Not so much.

Turns out that men — they have a lot of things they'd like us to know. And they are more than willing to share. (So as not to leave the men out high and dry — you can see -- and agree or disagree with -- my personally formulated list of 25 Things Women Wish Men Knew.)

So listen up, ladies, because I've done my research (well, I've talked to a bunch of guys!) and it's time to hear what they have to say ... what men really want us to know. Well, most men anyway ...


1) Being a provider for the family (or at least feeling like that is our job) can be hard on us.

2) We get insecure, too.

3) We like romance, but think we're probably not good at it.

4) Yes, we look at other women. But it's nothing more than a look — we promise.

5) We really want our wives to look good — and want them to want to look good.

6) We like it when you stand up for yourself — even if you're wrong.

7) Don't play hard to get — this isn't high school.

8) Surprise — we don't like to shop!

9) I'm okay with you telling me to screw up. Once. Don't need my face rubbed in it.

10) No, really, it's you I want. Not the chick up the block or our waitress. YOU.

11) Yeah, we like sex a lot. Mostly because we want to feel like you want us.

12) It's good that I have dude friends. Don't mess with that.

13) We like you better without all that makeup. Really.

14) We like sex more than we like masturbation. But hey, self love is a good thing, too.

15) Believe it or not, we love to hold hands and cuddle, too.

16) We love, love, love to hear you have fun in bed.

17) Did we mention that we love it?

18) We don't want to hear you complain about our families — even if we're doing it.

19) Um. We know when you're faking it.

20) I'm not great at picking out your clothes for you.

21) If you call me at work to see how my day is going, I'm probably not listening to you because — I'm working.

22) We dig girls who can hang with the guys.

23) We're just as nervous as you are the first time in bed.

24) A sense of humor is WAY hot.

25) We're programmed to want to solve your problems, but If you do it instead — WAY hot.

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It's your turn — what else do men want women to know?


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