Maria Shriver Is Crazy For What She May Be Considering With Her Marriage

Journalist Maria Shriver is said to be having "second thoughts" about her divorce from Arnold Schwarzenegger. She told friends she is now unsure about the divorce because of her strong religious beliefs and because Schwarzenegger is trying to win her back, according to TMZ. If this is true, she needs to seriously reconsider right away.

No matter how "sweet" Arnold is, it can't possibly make up for the wrongs he did, which included years and years and years of infidelity and a 14-year-old child fathered with their housekeeper, a woman with whom he carried on an affair for years.

There is no coming back from that. That is not a moment of indiscretion. That is a lifestyle choice.


Certainly my heart breaks for Shriver (as should any one's). She put her faith and love and many years into a man who ultimately turned out to be a mega-sleaze. There are no words for what he did to her and the faith he destroyed, but if she goes back to him, she would lose any bit of sympathy.

He has shown himself to be a narcissist, someone who can't be faithful or loving the way he should be. As a mom and one who has been married nearly a decade, I certainly understand the desire to forgive. There is no doubt it is better for the kids if you can get through the bumps in a marriage and find a way to say together.

Even infidelity can be forgiven under the right circumstances. Is a person is truly contrite, it only happened once and they understand the mistake, then there is a good chance the marriage can survive. But Schwarzenegger was not mostly faithful. From the reports it sounds like he was NEVER faithful. So how does one rebuild?

The answer: You don't. You move on. You find a new love. Maria Shriver has already bought herself a new house. She is renovating it and focusing on her children. Maybe, when she feels ready, she could also date again and maybe spend the rest of her life with a man who won't take her for granted and abuse her love. Because that is the name for what Schwarzenegger did: Abuse.

Cheating on her again and again, humiliating her publicly and keeping such a massive secret are not things that a man in love does to his wife. And if he did love her, then his "love" is more like sickness. She would be making a huge mistake to go back to him no matter what her religion says.

Do you think she can go back?


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