Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively Picked the Perfect Time to Meet the Parents

ryan reynolds and blake livelyAwwww, I just love Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively together, don't you?? Nothing against their respective exes (Scarlett Johansson and Leo DiCaprio), but the former co-stars two seem to really be cut out for one another and in it to win it! Plus, they look so damn cute as a couple, right? Wait, want to hear something even cuter? They've been spotted together in Ryan's hometown, Vancouver, hanging out with his family.

But wait, oh no, isn't that a lot of pressure to put on a girlfriend?? Taking her to meet the parents for the first time around the holidays?! Haven't Ben Stiller films taught Ryan anything?

Pffft. Well, you know what, forget that! I am a strong believer that the holidays can be the absolute perfect time to meet your sweetie's folks.


Yeah, okay, so it is a big deal, and it shows you're definitely serious if you start hanging out with your man's fam this time of year. There's a lot of pressure wrapped up in all of that. But if you're on the relationship track with him anyway, there's really no better time than Thanksgiving/Hanukkah/Christmas/Kwanzaa, etc. to break the ice with his relatives.

Think about it ... At the same time you're feeling all nervous about meeting them, they're feeling pressured to keep things merry, bright, and light, you know? Even though dysfunctional hell breaks loose a lot during the holidays, no one wants it to. It's like our national motto or something to avoid confrontation as much as possible this time of year. So even if things aren't copacetic between you and the potential in-laws, you'll both probably pretend it is so as to keep things painless. And that's the worst case scenario!

The best case is that you end up really clicking and having a wonderful time celebrating together. Score! I have to say, maybe I'm a bit biased about this, because I met my boyfriend's mom for the first time five years ago on New Year's eve. I was definitely a bit freaked out when she walked through the door, but within minutes, she was hugging me and treating me like her long-lost daughter.

You gotta hand it to the holidays ... They have a way of putting just about everyone in a welcoming mood! Even more reason Blake and Ryan are wise to take advantage of this time of year to make such a big step.

Do you agree the holidays are an ideal time to "meet the parents"?



Image via PopCultureGeek.com/Flickr

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