Diamond Ad That Says Bling Will Get Men Laid Missed the Point (VIDEOS)

the check please store zales adTruthfully, there's really nothing I want more for the holidays than jewelry. The way some women are with shoes? That's how I am with rings to bangles to pendants. But the reason I love it as a gift is that there's usually emotion and memory linked to it from the gift giver. The necklace my mom got me for graduation, the ring my boyfriend got me for our fourth anniversary -- so much more special thanks to the sentiment behind them. Without that memory or emotion, or with an unpleasant memory or emotion, the jewelry wouldn't be nearly as wonderful a gift.

Mainstream mall jeweler Zales ("The Diamond Store") seems to miss this key point in marketing their bling to couples. Their holiday ad campaign, which seems aimed at the guys, seems to be an attempt to convince them that Zales merchandise is the ultimate turn-on for a woman. Yes, really.


If you've been lucky enough to miss the ads running during your fave TV show, here are the two most questionable ...

Rrrright ... So, in other words, buy your woman some shiny rocks, and she'll drop her skirt. Just because she got a gift from Zales. If it sounds like a total joke, that's because it's pretty close to this Family Guy DeBeers spoof! Ugh!

Hopefully, men who are lucky enough to have girlfriends or wives who they're celebrating the holidays with realize that this ad campaign is a bunch of bunk. That the direct link between getting her jewelry and them getting sex does not exist. Any gift -- whether it's jewelry or a squirrel lamp (yes, my boyfriend once got me such a thing for Hanukkah) -- has to be thoughtful and meaningful to be a turn-on. Also, hate to break it to Zales, but not every woman is like the late Elizabeth Taylor and me; some don't care about jewelry at all and probably would run for the hills if their honey assumed a diamond necklace was the right gift for them.

The point is ... perpetuating some ridiculous myth that women are this materialistic is a major mistake. It's too bad. Zales could have hit the nail on the head ... if only they had gone for heartfelt over horny.

Do you think these ads send the wrong message?


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