Sweet In-Flight Marriage Proposal Will Make You Tear Up (VIDEO)

couple gets proposed aboard air canada flightBritney Spears isn't the only gal who gets to enjoy being newly engaged this holiday season. Plenty of people are puttin' a ring on it and getting ready to head down the aisle, including one adorable couple from Canada. And their story will make you melt into a pile of mush -- I promise.

See, Scott Wetton really wanted his proposal to the "love of his life" Jacqueline Poushay to be special. So over the course of three months, he planned a proposal that sounds like Mission: Impossible. He bought a couple of plane tickets for the same flight on Air Canada for a trip to visit family for the holidays, but he told Jacqueline he'd be flying out two days later. He sent her false itineraries via email, dropped off his bags the night before the flight, and even orchestrated his entrance onto the plane so she wouldn't see him. Then, 30,000 feet in the air, he got on the plane PA and asked her if she'd marry him!


What a surprise!!

Obviously, Jacqueline was beside herself when she saw Scott, and thankfully, through the tears, she said, "YES!" You can watch the whole thing go down in the video of the proposal, which of course has already gone viral ...

Absolutely adorable, right? I have to say ... I definitely fall into the camp that believes proposals don't have to be a surprise or elaborate and planned down to the nanosecond like this. It can be special without all of that. However! All the work that went into this proposal is super-impressive and will make for an awesome story these two can tell their grandkids some day. Awwww! So happy for them! And props to Air Canada for helping to make it happen. 

What do you think about this proposal? Are you a fan of super-orchestrated proposals?


Image via Scott Wetton/YouTube

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