Kobe Bryant's Wife Knows Apologies Cost More Than Money

Kobe Bryant and Vanessa Bryant are finally getting divorced after years of infidelity rumors and accusations. Though it is sad for the kids involved, for Vanessa, it is about time. She should have known Kobe would never change after he gave her an "apology ring."

The ring was a $4 million sparkler given to Vanessa in July of 2003. This was three days after prosecutors announced rape charges against Bryant. A 19-year-old employee at a Colorado resort where he’d stayed accused him of the crime. The “apology ring” is an 8-carat purple diamond and cost more than most of us will make in our lifetime.

It is also a giant load of BS. Any man who thinks he can buy his way out of the dog house is a man who will land in the dog house again. You can bet on it.



The thing about apology jewelry or apology flowers or even apology chocolate is that they take nothing more than money. Give me a heartfelt letter or a long conversation or even a song he wrote to say he was sorry.

A ring shows no remorse, it only shows one thing: I can buy your affections. And by accepting the ring, Vanessa -- and any woman like her -- says one thing: I can be bought. So is it any wonder that a few years later they are headed for splits-ville?

It is sad and tragic for the children, but Vanessa should have seen this coming years ago as could any woman whose husband thinks he can buy her affections. If he "apologizes" to you by buying you anything, be wary.

A truly sorry man uses his words and his actions to be sorry, not his wallet. Being sorry requires thought, it requires remorse and it requires words. The fact is, a sorry man can change. I would easily forgive a cheater if I felt he really meant his apology. But a "sorry I raped another woman" ring just rings hollow to me.

It is amazing they made it another 8 years, really.

Do you accept apology gifts?


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