Getting Dumped Over the Holidays Is More Common Than You’d Think

sadWanna feel even slightly more depressed about the holidays? Here's something to chew on: According to new study that analyzed Facebook data, the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas can be named "break-up season." It would seem from their graph that a lot of couples who are dating, not married, call it quits during this time of year more than any other. A close second is the week before Spring Break, when college kids may be looking for a little freedom before they hit the beach and the booze.

If someone had asked me, I would've thought that the holidays would be far from "break-up season." I thought people wanted someone to snuggle up to during the cold months, someone to feel loved by during the gift-giving season and New Year's. Guess not.


Some experts say that couples can take their frustrations out on one another during this time of year even if they don't mean to. They recommend having productive conversations about your "feelings" and to say stuff like "let's try not to snap at each other and let's agree to make this season enjoyable."

I'd like to go ahead and gag myself with a milkshake spoon because not only do I find the data disheartening, but the resultant advice, as well. I know I have to pull the extra-long silverware out of my throat, take a beat, and remember that no matter how bad the news may be, this is just a study. There are tons of "studies" out there that will depress us for years to come. Remember the one that said if you're 40 and single, you're more likely to die in a terrorist attack than get married? Then there's one about how much men lie, about how men fall in love within seconds ... you could spend a lifetime reading research like this.

But really, it's useless. Are you going to live your life any differently now that you know that it's break-up season? Are you just going to hibernate until May to miss both peaks on the break-up chart? Are you going to pre-emptively break up with your man just to beat him to the possible punch he may deliver? No way.

There's absolutely no reason to pay studies like these any more thought than a hey, will you look at that. We can only control so much, and information like this doesn't change that.

Do you think this information on break-up season will help you in any way?


Photo via the Italian voice/Flickr

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