'Teen Mom' Stars Catelynn & Tyler Make Getting Married Young Look Good

tyler and catelynnTeen Mom stars Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell have officially set a date for their wedding. Catelynn tweeted on Wednesday that they've picked July 15, 2013 to tie the knot in front of their family and friends. The couple, who've been engaged since August 2010, put off their wedding for a while to focus on graduating from high school. But now that the lovebirds have set a date, it sounds like things are moving forward, even if it's all planned to go down a year and a half from now.

There are some mixed feelings about getting married young, but in the case of Tyler and Catelynn, I think they're making an informed, well thought-out, and befitting decision.


These kids may be in their late teens, but they're wise beyond their years. Way beyond their years. In fact, they're so mature that I know people 10 years their senior who are jealous of their relationship. They're excellent communicators and seem to have a mutual respect and admiration for one another. And when you see them together with their parents, it's clear that Catelynn and Tyler, despite being the children, are more grown-up than their folks.

The two have been together nine years now and have faced some of the most difficult problems any couple can encounter -- pregnancy, adoption, incarcerated parents, infidelity, fame ... the list goes on and on. Not only have Catelynn and Tyler overcome these obstacles, they've thrived because of them. Honestly, I think these two are perfect for each other and I'm always more than impressed with how calm, cool, collected, and clear-headed they are when the crap hits the fan.

I hope that Catelynn and Tyler have a wonderful wedding and even better marriage. They really seem in it to win it and I can't wait to see how their lives turn out. I'm sure they'll be fantastic parents one day! Congrats to the happy couple.

Do you think Catelynn and Tyler should get married in 2013, or wait longer?


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