Only Bad Guys Are Less Attracted to Their Wives After Baby

The sex life after baby does wane. No one would or could lie about that. You go from being a couple with no kids and oodles of free time to canoodle to a couple whose time is mostly spent tending to a screaming creature who can neither speak nor tell you what he or she needs. Every couple makes an adjustment. But here's the good news: Once the sex does come back, it is (and should be) better than ever. After all, you have just shared something life changing and profound. Good sex is bound to follow, right?

Well, not so for many couples. The Daily Mail interviewed couples after baby and the surprising results show that men actually desire their wives less after baby. Somehow they're either turned off by their spouse or they're too preoccupied by the baby and the stress to want to do the nasty. Whatever the reason, it's very, very wrong and sad. 


The fact is, a baby should be made from the love two people share. It should enhance that love and make it hotter. These men are all wrong.

It was one of those stories I read and was struck by how lucky I am. There are times in my day to day life where I forget just how special my relationship is with my husband, and then I read about the men out there I could be with. I shudder.

Who do these men think they are? Every couple goes through a transition when baby comes and both the man and woman need to adjust accordingly, but these short-sighted men are pretending that a new mom's lack of sex drive lasts forever. It doesn't.

For women, giving birth and raising a newborn are intensely physical experiences. Our bodies house these little ones for nine months. Then we likely nurse them on our sore, swollen breasts, often in the middle of the night. It isn't easy work, and no, a lot of times we don't feel super sexual. But it returns.

Child rearing isn't easy for men, either. I get that. But it's physically harder on women, and the last thing they should be worried about is that their man will find them less attractive. It's insane. Hey dude: She carried your baby! What is sexier than that?

It's just plain immature and impatient to reject your wife after baby.

Did you go through a hard sex time after baby?

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