5 Simple Ways to Spice Up Your Marriage

holding handsYou're probably not going to say it, so I will: after awhile sex with the same partner can get a little, well, OLD. I know, I know, it sounds mean, but I don't mean it that way. It's just that once you're with the same person for longer than a couple years, sex can get a little, well, BORING.

You have your tried and true methods -- which are great, mind you -- but sometimes you want something a little different.

Well, I'm here to help. Here are some simple ways that you can spice up your marriage.


1. Bring out the toys. I'm a big, big fan of sex toys. I probably have more than most people I know and I love to use them. I love using them solo, and I love using them with my partner. My favorite is the WeVibe (a couples vibrator), which is sure to kick your sex life up a couple notches.

2. Try some costume play.  It doesn't have to be Naughty Nurse or Sexy Teacher -- hell, you don't have to spend a penny to make this happen. Go and scour your closet and figure out what you can use to play dress-up. I guarantee that you'll find something to get each other's engines revved up.

3. Get AWAY from it all. I know, I know, you barely have time to pee privately, how on earth can you possibly take a weekend and get away? Find the time. Bribe family members. Just get away. Without the stress of the kids, family and other obligations, you may find yourself ready to get good and spicy with your partner.

4. Try a new sex position. Tired of the same old positions? (Me too.) Tell your partner that you'd really like to try something new. Even if it's something you've done before and hated, give it a second shot. You may find your tastes have changed.

5. Go for a change of scenery. Wait until the kids have gone to bed, lock the doors and go play in another room. Who says sex has to be confined to the bedroom? Why not the bathroom? The kitchen table? The washing machine? Really, the possibilities are endless.

How do YOU keep a marriage spicy?


Image via kumon/Flickr

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