Rob Kardashian Pulls Worst Brother Move By Following Khloe & Lamar

rob kardashianIf Rob Kardashian came to me for advice like I wish he would, I'd tell him that he needs to let Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom do their own thing. News is that he's going to move to Dallas with the married couple now that Lamar's been traded to the Mavericks. He was already living with them in Los Angeles, and now that they're packing up and moving to Texas, sounds like Rob is dusting off his cowboy boots and truckin' on down with them. I have no idea if this is entirely for the purpose of their show or what, but the last person I'd want living with my husband and me is my 24-year-old brother. I don't care how big the house is, three's company. And not in a come-and-knock-on-my-door fun kind of way.


Khloe and Lamar have a tough time as it is getting to know each other inside and out. With the cameras around, with his travel schedule, with her appearances all over the globe, it's got to be difficult to find some quality alone time. And I'm not just talking about sex. A strong relationship is built on a mutual understanding of core beliefs, values, senses of humor, etc., and you can't find all that out about a person if you're hardly in the same place. Add a brother into the already sparse hang time and things get even more superficial.

When there's a mutual friend around, like Rob, who's super fun and easygoing, it's easy to think that his presence is harmless. But I think having someone like that around hinders a couple from becoming closer, from talking about personal matters, from knowing what it's like to be the two of them, married, and in Dallas.

Rob, like any live-in friend or relative, is a distraction. When he leaves, Khloe and Lamar might not know what to do with one another because it's never been just the two of them, and they might take that as a sign that things aren't working when really it's a sign that they need to delve deeper.

What do you think -- are live-in friends and family members a strain or an asset to a married couple?


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