5 Last Minute Gifts Your Wife Will Love You More For

giftAh, it's the most wonderful time of the year, isn't it? All kinds of expectations, demands, and whoops! I bet you forgot that thing, too! I know I did. I'm lucky if I remember my middle name this time of the year.

I've put together a list for you, dear men. Sure, my list is more practical than not, but hey, it's time for some last-minute Christmas gifts for your wife. She deserves some nice prezzies.

But if she hates you for it? You can go ahead and forget we had this conversation.


Keurig Coffee Maker; $119-$229 - Keurig.com

You know, one of those space-aged looking coffee makers? They're extremely fancy looking, easy to use, and can brew a cup of coffee with a toddler attached to an appendage. Trust me, once she gets her caffeine on, she'll thank you.


Kindle E-Reader; $79 - Amazon.com

Now this is tricky. The urge here is strong to buy your wife a gift that YOU want. However, this is about her tastes, not about you. It doesn't matter if the iPad does the same thing as the Kindle, but more! Cooler! Stuff! This is her present. If she wants a Kindle, she wants a Kindle. Get her a Kindle.


Harry & David Gift Basket; $30-$200 - Harry & David.com

It really doesn't matter what you choose -- because most women (myself included) love a good gift basket. There's something extremely satisfying about opening up a basket full of delicious. It shows thoughtfulness and care and has the added bonus of being able to fit most budgets.

food gifts

iPhone 4S; From $199 - Apple.com

Between Siri, my digital personal assistant, the new fancy camera, and HD video, I'd swoon if someone (hint, hint) bought me a new iPhone 4S. Might even beat out my ultimate Christmas present. However, this is one of those ONLY IF SHE WANTS ONE, deals. Not everyone will want one. So if your wife doesn't care? Not a thoughtful gift. If you're my husband? THIS IS WHAT I WANT.

(Bonus if I get a call from Jane Appleseed. She looks cool!)

iphone 4s


Date Night; $10-$200 (depending)

Find and hire a babysitter, buy some movie tickets (or tickets to a concert, if she'd prefer), make dinner reservations at her favorite restaurant, and surprise her with a date night she won't have to lift a finger to arrange. I'm sure she (like me) will be overwhelmed by your thoughtfulness. So bonus points there!

What can YOU suggest for last-minute gifts for a woman?

Top image via Ken's Oven/Flickr

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