Katie Couric Breakup Means the Reign of Cougars Is Over

katie couric brooks perlinMy middle-aged sisters, I have bad news for us all: The Age of the Cougar is over. It was fun while it lasted. We got our kicks (mostly vicariously). And now, it's time to put the boy toys back on the shelf. Cougardom is no longer.

I was worried when Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher split. But it got worse: This morning we found out Katie Couric has broken up with Brooks Perlin, the boyfriend who is young enough to be her son. These aren't even the only celebrity cougar couples that broke up recently -- there's been more. And you know what that means: The MILF trend is dying.


None of us wanted to see this day come. For women like me over (ahem) a certain age -- we'll just leave that age vague for the sake of our dignity -- this is kind of deflating. SO MANY cougar breakups this year -- what gives? I'm just glad I got the news while I was sitting down. Because my knees, oh my knees.

It was just a few, short years ago when Demi broke the winter/summer romance barrier for us all. We were so shocked! OMG, women over 35 can still be sexy?!? To YOUNGER men? Who knew! We thought we all became crypt keepers at 40. But no -- and it's not just Demi, either. It's become an imperative for every female celebrity to remain eminently f***able well into her 60s. (No pressure for the rest of us!) And a young man on your arm became the hottest accessory.

Well shoot, I will miss these role models with their man arm candy. But could it be that women just know something men don't know -- that it's ultimately more satisfying to be with someone your own age who has some wisdom and experience under his belt to match our own. Wait, that came out wrong. You know what I mean -- we no longer have to attract boys to prove we've still got it. I'm just saying -- the end of the cougar era is not necessarily a bad thing.

Do you think the cougar era is over? Have you ever been attracted to younger men?


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