Soldier's Homecoming Made Even Sweeter When He Proposes at Airport (VIDEO)

airport proposalSo I really want to tell you this story ... hang on a sec, I just need to find a tissue ... maybe a whole box of tissues. It's just so sweet, every time I start thinking about it I get this lump ... hang on ... in my throat ... okay, deep breath.

Whew! Okay, I can do this now. Really. Because you absolutely have to hear what happened to Lindy Gonzalez when she tried to surprise her boyfriend, U.S. Army Specialist Michael Smith, with a welcoming party at Miami International Airport. This particular homecoming was going to be a big deal -- not only was he was coming home from Afghanistan, he was finally going to meet Lindy's parents.

Little did Lindy know exactly how big of a deal it was going to be ...


When Michael finally arrived, hours later than expected, the first thing he did upon seeing her was drop to one knee, pull out a ring, and propose!

Michael definitely wins the Surprise King crown, as evidenced by Lindy's complete and total shock. Just watch her reaction!

Was your marriage proposal a surprise? If you're not married, would you like your proposal to be a surprise?

Image via HuffPo

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