Jennifer Garner Has All the Secrets to Making Love Last

jennifer garnerJennifer Garner might be the most perfect woman alive. What's not to love about a West Virginia native with dimples? The star and soon-to-be mom of three sat down with InStyle for their January issue and talked about her career (her movie Butter comes out in March), her pregnancy (she just wants to eat mac 'n' cheese), and her amazing husband, Ben Affleck. Jen says that she doesn't take Ben for granted and expanded on what she thinks makes them such a successful couple. They've been married for almost seven years. That's pretty much like being together for 70 years in Hollywood.

She says:


We both know we couldn't do what we do without each other ... Ben always says, "If you love it, we can make it happen" ... Honestly, I would do anything for that man, because I know it's not taken for granted.

It sounds like Jen and Ben are in it to win it (so many rhymes!) and that Jen realizes that it's important to make sure your husband is a high priority and that he isn't, like Jen says, taken for granted. I'm sure her life is full of distractions with the kids, a pregnancy, her celebrity status, and her career, but it seems like Jen thinks it's important that Ben knows he's loved and appreciated.

Obviously, it's a two-way street. Ben's not shy dolling out his support for Jen -- she said that "he knows when to swoop in with the gesture. He's sweet that way," so it's clear these two know that teamwork and a simple sign of love and gratitude goes a long way.

When we look at Ben and Jen from the outside, it seems like they have everything: Both have fantastic careers, both are kind-hearted, both love and adore their daughters, and both have a strong love and respect for one another. I hope that's what they see from the inside of their relationship, too. It'd be nice to see a Hollywood couple keep it real and make it all the way to the end.

Would you do anything for your husband, as Jen would?


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