Starbucks Hosts First Wedding & It's Better Than a Grande With Whip (VIDEO)

couple gets married at a starbucks in tulsaI thought I had an extraordinarily warm and fuzzy attachment to Starbucks coffee, but then I read about Eva McCarthy and sailor Carmine Capparello. These two are self-confessed "coffee friends" who "fell in love over coffee" at their local Starbucks in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Awww. And it gets even cuter. When the Navy deployed Capparello to Iraq for 15 months, Eva went to that Starbucks every week to meet up with her mom, and the baristas were super-supportive, just like her very own caffeine-proffering family. So, it's no wonder that when they decided to get married, the couple planned their nuptials there. Judging from the photos and videos of the Capparello-McCarthy affair, it looks like everyone had venti nice time (ba-da-ching!).


A friend of mine actually recently suggested I have my someday wedding at Starbucks, and hey, thanks to the Capparellos, I now know it's certainly possible! Got me thinking, what goes into a Starbucks wedding? How could a couple stamp their "I do"s with the Starbucks brand? A few ideas ...

  • The bouquet: Obviously, the bride could carry an overflowing grande peppermint mocha with whip and those pretty little red sparkly sprinkles. The bridesmaids (who would be none other than the baristas) could each have their own tall versions of the drink.
  • The groomsmen: Also baristas, they could wear signature brown and green Starbucks napkins (instead of kerchiefs) in their suit jacket pockets.
  • The table markers: These could be written on coffee bean bags, all different colors!
  • The centerpieces: Definitely ball jars filled with coffee beans and cinnamon dolce latte or mocha scented candles on top.
  • The first dance: It would have to be to whatever the "iTunes song of the day" was that Starbucks location was promoting.
  • The hors d'oeuvres: Starbucks minis, like the cake pops, of course!
  • The toasts: To be done with espresso shots, not champagne.
  • The dessert bar: Would have to have DIY macchiatos. Proprietary caramel syrup for everyone!!

You know, these two coffee lovers aren't so crazy after all. A Starbucks wedding seems like it could be memorable, sweet, and very buzz-worthy! Here's the cute video of what Eva and Carmine's wedding really looked like ...


What do you think about holding a wedding at Starbucks -- or even just the place where you met your significant other?


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