Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore's Awkward Run-In Is Just Part of the Breakup Game

ashton and demiAs we know, things move pretty fast in Hollywood, so we can pretty much assume both Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore have already moved on, even though Demi announced the divorce less than a month ago. But that doesn't make it any less awkward that the two had an unplanned dinner run-in at an L.A. restaurant last week. Apparently, Demi was with another guy when she approached Ashton's table. Ashton gave his ex a hug, and they spoke for a few polite, majorly awkward minutes. And that was that.

Who wants to bet they're still cringing like crazy over the whole thing? Then again, they were married for six years, right? What's the big deal? 


We've all been there. Running into an ex or having to share the company of an ex -- especially when the breakup (or in this case, divorce) hasn't completely played out yet or the wounds are relatively fresh -- can be totally nerve-wracking, gut-wrenching, and an all-around miserable experience.

I've definitely had some doozies of my own over the years. Like trying to play it cool around an ex right after a breakup, because we had all the same friends and had to spend time together whether we liked it or not. And another time I ran into an ex for the first time in the four years since our split, as luck would have it, looking absolutely frightful. I'd gained weight since we last saw one another and was wearing schleppy clothes, because I had just planned to run a quickie errand. So embarrassing!

But looking back now, I'm thinking, "Well, why the heck did it matter how I looked, how I acted, what he thought?" Who cares? We had broken up, we had either been trying to move on or had already done so, and it wasn't like I had plans to get back with these guys. It's silly to get so worked up about a run-in with an ex, because it's bound to happen, and there's rarely much to be ashamed of or feel awkward about. Demi and Ashton should feel the same way ... unless, of course, Ashton was hanging at the restaurant with Sara Leal, the 22-year-old he cheated on Demi with. That would definitely make the case for major awkwardness all around.

What was your most awkward run-in with an ex?

Image via AKUSA/Splashnews

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