Jesse James Is Becoming More Laughable By the Day

jesse jamesI don't know if I feel sorry for Jesse James or if I just straight-up hate the guy. In an attempt to show "fans" that he's still some laid-back dude who likes motorcycles, grunting, and other manly activities, he made an appearance on American Chopper: The Build Off this week. He tried to explain that he's still the old Jesse and apologized for changing when he got married to "some Hollywood actress." See? Don't worry, guys. Jesse doesn't think he's special for having landed Sandra Bullock as a wife. No, haha, not anymore. He's back to being a regular old Joe, so we should like him again!


To use a phrase out of Cher Horowitz's lexicon: As if. I'm sorry, you don't go on TV and try to win over people by dissing your ex-wife, whom, by the way, people absolutely adore. You also don't go on TV after you cheated on girlfriend Kat Von D with 19 other women and pretend like the biggest mistake you've made in your life is allowing your fans to think that you went all "Hollywood" on them.

Hate to break it to Jesse, but people don't like him because he's treated women with careless disregard, not because he's all "big time" now and has forgotten "where he came from." If you think that cheating is wrong, that it's a mistake, like I do, then Jesse's made the same mistake over and over and over and clearly doesn't care who he's hurt along the way. He can do whatever the heck he wants (yay America! yay adulthood!), but he doesn't deserve our sympathy.

You know those Jeff Foxworthy jokes that go something like "if you something something something, then you might be a redneck"? I kind of feel like Jesse's on track to be the butt of a similar joke set-up. Like, "If you're with a guy whose penis is sore from 'working in the garage all day,' then you might be dating Jesse James." Something like that. Because at this point, whatever he seems to do is just laughable.

What do you think Jesse James' problem is?


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