Advice for Kim Kardashian on Reggie Bush's Deviously Sexy Tactic

kim kardashian reggie bushIt doesn't matter how sexy you think Reggie Bush is; he is a bad, bad man who has one too many tricks up his sleeve -- which, of course, may just make you think he's even sexier, you dirty girl. Word on the street is, once Kim Kardashian announced her divorce from Kris Humphries to the world, Reggie started texting her to "make sure she was okay."

Riiiiight. Sure, Reggie Bush was just texting Kim to "make sure she was okay." I'm sure it, in no way, shape, or form, had anything to do with the fact that he was trying to get back in with her when she was at her most vulnerable. 


It's a classic move. One I've been privy to once or twice in my day. You're heart-broken or confused after a breakup, and a person you've always sort of had something with, or maybe even dated, suddenly sweeps in and is all concerned with your welfare. They just want you to know that they're "there for you if you need them." It's a low-down dirty move, and in the back of your mind, you even kind of know what the dude (it's always a dude) is up to. But your head's not right. You don't know up from down. So you text back. And eventually the texts lead to a bottle of two-buck chuck and iPod mix you know he made specifically for the occasion -- it's the perfect combination of slow-tempo indie music peppered with a few old-school hip-hop songs so it doesn't look like he's trying too hard. And, then, you're heartbroken and tipsy and the music and everything just make it seem like you're supposed to hook up, so you do. And then you've got a whole 'nother mess on your hands. I've said too much.

I don't think Reggie and Kim's situation will go down exactly like that per se, but it'll be damn near similar (if it hasn't happened already). Hooking up with an ex right after a breakup may be instant gratification, but in the long-run, it's just bad idea jeans. And I'm sure Reggie knows this, but he doesn't really care. 'Cause he's a bad, bad sexy man. Hopefully, Kim will be able to resist.

Have you ever had an ex get in touch with you after a breakup?


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