Woman With 30 Bridesmaids Made a Great Decision

bridesmaidsHow many bridesmaids is too many. Eight? Twelve? Fifteen? There's a woman in England who had 30 bridesmaids at her wedding. Thirty. As in 3-0. Joyce McDevitt, the 64-year-old bride, says that she just couldn't bear to leave anyone out. At her age, and with the amount of siblings she has (nine!), she's got a lot of family and friends to take into consideration. The 200 guests were shocked by the school of bridesmaids that processed down flanking church aisles, some in matching dresses, some not, but Joyce was more than pleased with the result. Her bridal party consisted of 22 family members, two women from the groom's side of the family, and five lifelong friends. Or, about 15 percent of the attendees. This woman is happy, but nuts.


But the best part about being a bride and planning your wedding is that you can do whatever the hell you want. The fact that Joyce had a crazy amount of bridesmaids is 100 percent her prerogative, and if it made her feel better on her big day, then more power to the lady.

The funny part is that she could've had even more bridesmaids, but she decided to draw the line at 30. Why that line wasn't draw at 10 or 20 is beyond me, but it's totally not my call to make. It was Joyce's choice and it sounds like she went with her heart. Can't blame a woman for doing that!

Her experience with the gaggle of bridesmaids sounds positive and low-key -- she didn't dish about any drama. I mean, when I hear that there were 30 bridesmaids, I think about the 30 different complaints about dresses she must have gotten, and 30 reasons why she should have done this or that at her wedding; 30 different opinions about bouquets, 30 different hair questions; and 30 different thoughts on everything from the food to the color-scheme to music. Guess Joyce's family are pretty laid-back people since this all went off without a hitch. That we heard about, anyway.

How many bridesmaids is too many?


Photo via si kwan/Flickr

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