There's One Guy Who Isn't Still Hung Up About the Aniston-Pitt Divorce

jennifer aniston and dadJohn Aniston & daughter JenniferGood news for Jennifer Aniston and her boyfriend Justin Theroux. Jen's dad, Days of Our Lives actor John Aniston, has given our pal Justin the thumbs up. At a cookbook launch in Los Angeles, Mr. Aniston said that Justin's a "charming young man" and that he thinks Jen and Justin "make a wonderful couple." Aw. That's sweet. But you know, more than it is sweet, it's important.

Getting parental approval and endorsement of your relationship takes a whole lot of pressure off the situation.


Because if your family hates the guy you're dating, that's not only stressful, it's worrisome. You start wondering if they see something that you don't. That maybe this guy isn't that great for you. And that can be really hard to deal with, especially if you're in love. You can start to question what your problem is, what your family's problem is, and/or what your man's problem is. That's a lot of thoughts to distract you from the issue at hand, which is building a strong and healthy relationship.

So the fact that Jen's dad is all for her new guy is a really great sign. We can assume that John only wants the best for his daughter, and since he's given Justin the stamp of approval, I think that means that Justin is good for her. And anything that's good for Jen is good for me. I'm a fan, what can I say?

Mr. Aniston also explained that he and his girlfriend try to get together often with Jen and Justin, further driving the point home that Justin is a good egg. Behind his gorgeous, rugged exterior is a soft wittle muffin who is totally in wuv with his Jenny.

And for what it's worth, I give the Jen and Justin romance a thumbs up, too. With her dad's approval and mine, Jen's relationship should be in an excellent place.

Do you think it's important for your family to like the guy you're seriously dating?


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