World's First International Sex School Isn't for the Weak

sex schoolThe world's first international sex school is now open in Vienna, Austria. For about $2,200, you can enroll and live in a co-ed dormitory with your fellow students. As long as you're 16 or older (16!) and have genitals, you're welcome at the sex school. The theory behind the school is to teach its pupils how to be better lovers. Students will be encouraged to ... experiment with one another because the syllabus is more practical than it is theoretical. The headmistress, who's Swedish (how perfect is that?), explains that classes will be very "hands on" and that lectures will discuss "applied sexuality."

Ooh la la! I like the sound of this so far, but the sex school isn't for the weak. So before you pack your best panties and hop a plane to Europe, let's think this through.


First of all, isn't a sex school a little redundant? Isn't that what actual college is for? And secondly, I'm not quite sure I'm understanding the greater goal of the school. If it aims to teach people how to be better lovers, that seems a little generic to me. I feel like we can learn those people-pleasing tips from the Internet. Shouldn't it focus more on individuals in relationships?

The school might get more attention, more serious attention, not just from people who look at it like some sort of 24/7 orgy in the name of learning, if it was geared toward couples. Knowing what your partner wants and executing it is where a lot of couples run into trouble. And lot of that has to do with a lack of communication.

Sometimes people are embarrassed to say what they like, or how they like it, and need a little encouragement. If this sex school could help couples explore what's holding them back, I don't know, it might be more interesting. And a "hands on" approach would still work here. I think everyone would agree that's the best way to learn.

That said, couples with intimacy issues are probably not who they're looking for. Who they are exactly looking for is a mystery, but I suppose it's someone open-minded who likes to have sex. Don't think they'll have a hard time filling classes, do you?

What do you think of the sex school?


Photo via siddhu20/20/Flickr

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