Rocker Linda Perry Nabs Coolest, Most Eligible Lesbian (PHOTO)

Sara Gilbert Linda Perry
Sara Gilbert and Linda Perry
Of course, I'm talking about the newly single Sara Gilbert who recently ended her 10-year relationship with TV producer Allison Adler. The couple had two kids during their relationship, so it was especially sad to hear about the breakup. Of course, nothing helps a breakup heal faster than a sizzling hot new romance? Am I right?

Well, Sara was spotted out with her new gal pal -- rocker and record producer Linda Perry, formerly the lead singer in 4 Non Blondes.

Oh yes, I totally approve of this coupling.


I fell in love with Gilbert's hilarious, sarcastic, headstrong Darlene on Roseanne back in the '80s and '90s (total girl crush!). Her character was a wonderful role model for girls who don't take any sh!t and rebel against the status quo of using your girlish looks rather than your brain, like her on-screen sister Becky does, to nab a guy. I'll always love her for playing this role so beautifully and giving girls another perspective. More recently, it's been great fun seeing Gilbert on the tube again as a host on CBS's The Talk.

And well, Linda Perry is just the epitome of cool, isn't she? Definitely fascinating with a great knack for the musicality. Along with her own music career, she wrote Pink's "Get the Party Started," Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful" (how good is that song?), and Gwen Stefani's "What You Waiting For?"

After paparazzi photos of Sara and Linda holding hands hit the web in mass, Gilbert, somewhat shyly, confirmed the dating speculation on yesterday's The Talk, saying:

The other day I was just out, and paparazzi were there and it was Sunday morning and I wasn't really prepared ... There's all these articles out that I'm in a new relationship ... It's weird, you know? Then I go online and it's on CNN and I'm flattered; I can't believe anyone cares.

I do want to share things with you guys (the audience). But I kind of would rather do it on my terms, you know, when I'm in full hair and makeup.

Aww, I imagine it does stink to be so wonderfully interesting all the time. We just love you, Sara. That's all, and we're happy that you're happy with Linda Perry.

What do you think of this new couple?


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