Beautiful Ad Tells Truth About Gay Marriage (VIDEO)

People just love to make you think that gay marriage is going to be dramatically different than straight marriage. It isn't. We all meet, fall in love, share life's pains and triumphs together, and want to be able to share our lives with our best friends by our side. That is all marriage is and that is all those for marriage equality want. They only want one thing: Equality.

A new video from GetUp! Action for Australia tackles this truth. The two men in the video are just like you and your husband. They meet, go on dates, fall in love, fight, help each other through hard times, laugh through good times, celebrate, move in together, and want to take it to the next level.

If you think gay people are any different, watch the video yourself. See below:


Gay people don't want to destroy marriage. They want to enjoy it.

As someone who has been married almost 10 years, I get that. I love my marriage. I love my husband. We share such a profound love for one another, and I can't imagine anyone telling us we couldn't commit to one another for life. It's so basic. It isn't about extra rights, but equal ones.

Maybe gay people will get marriage even better than we have. A straight person needs to look no further than The Bachelor or any number of disgusting reality shows to see that we have basically made a mockery of marriage by ourselves.

In Massachusetts, many gay people are married and not a thing has changed. Their children go to preschool with my kids and they live their lives in exactly the same way my husband and I do. They get up in the morning and they go to bed at night and in between they love each other and their families, they fight, and they make dinner. Gay people will not ruin marriage for anyone.

In fact, gay people might do it better.

Do you believe in marriage equality?


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