Having Sex in Public Could Help Your Marriage

sexDo you like having sex in public? You do, don't you! I knew it! Well guess what. You're not alone. According to a recent survey by sex toy company Adam and Eve, 52 percent of the 1,000 adults they asked have done the dirty deed in a public space. A parked car was the number one place couples got down, the woods came in second, then there was a smattering of airplane and public bathroom admissions, followed by the most disturbing: church. If you're reading this and have had sex in church, I would like to know how and why you came to that decision. I'm intrigued.

Anyway, a fancy-pants sex-expert says that knocking the boots in public is one way to really spice up your relationship/get arrested.


OK well she didn't warn about getting caught, but yeah, it's not exactly street legal to pollinate the flower in a public park, ifyouknowwhatI'msaying. However, if you're able to be discreet and not scar any innocent children, then the understanding is that a public rendezvous can add excitement and thrills to your boring, everyday love making sessions. So if you're feeling a little spicy tonight, drag your man into the woods and get after it!

Lord knows you won't be the first people to do so. I was a little surprised to read that 52 percent have blazed a sexy trail out of the bedroom and into the cars and/or bathrooms. Neither automobiles nor commodes really do the trick for me, but I suppose their lockable doors and accessibility make them prime spots for a little naked wrestling.

I just hope no one does it in the movie theater while I'm there. I'm sorry. In NYC I'm now paying $13 to see a flick, and the last thing I want is a sideshow porno going on in the seats next to me. So stay out of the theaters, folks, please. Anywhere else? Go for it. Now make like dragonflies and have sex all over the gosh darn place.

Have you had sex in a public place?


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