Anne Hathaway Engagement Proves Important Point About Love

Actress Anne Hathaway is lovely, talented, and seemingly very smart. Still, like many women, she once wasted her time in a terrible, awful, embarrassingly bad relationship. Three years later, she is engaged to boyfriend Adam Shulman and is preparing to leave all that bad stuff behind her. Yay Anne!

Anyone who has had their heart ripped out can attest to feeling like it would never heal, never get better, and always sting just as much. Hathaway's heartbreak was worse than most, too. In 2008, Hathaway ended a disastrous relationship with Italian real estate developer Raffaello Follieri.

The two broke up when Follieri was arrested on fraud charges and later sentenced to four and a half years in prison. Her personal journals were seized by the FBI during their investigation. It was a huge mess. And yet, she has come back with a vengeance.


After my biggest breakup (one that involved both engagement and living together), I was sure I would never find love again. But it happened much faster and much better than I ever could have imagined.

I have seen it with friends, too. When they're at their lowest, worst points, something comes along and changes everything. It's really a beautiful thing and one reason holding on to hope is so very important.

There is something about attitude that seems to change everything. The moment when you aren't looking always seems to be the moment love finds you. You can try to fake it by saying you aren't looking or affecting a false negativity so as to not tempt fate, but the fact is, there is a vibe a woman sends when she is looking versus when she isn't. A women whose light is off can often seem more appealing. 

Unfortunately, heartbreak is part of the love deal. It often takes at least one for a woman to really recognize what she needs and wants from her next relationship.

So the next time a friend says, "I'll never find love again," remind her of Anne Hathaway and all the stories like hers. Love will come again.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Did you ever think you would never find love again?


Image via Anthony Citrano/Flickr

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