Couple's Extremely Awkward First Kiss Captured by TLC's 'Virgin Diaries' (VIDEO)

virgin diariesUnbuckle your seat belts and get ready for some sweet action because the Virgin Diaries is coming to TLC this Sunday, December 4. In a one-off special, the channel that's brought us visionary programs that focus on families that have children by the litter is now switching gears. Instead of shining the spotlight on the nation's biggest procreators, they're now directing our attention to three women in their 30s who've never have sex and one couple who've saved it all for their wedding night. And by "all," I really mean it -- their first kiss was captured by TLC cameras right after they said "I do" and it's ... huh. Goodness me, I have no words. I guess I'd say it's hilarious/awkward/gross/disturbing/sweet/endearing/real/share-worthy and not just a little bit lecherous.


But good for them! It's nice to see that they've found each other and have stuck to their guns. Lots of people would say try before you buy, but clearly this couple is in love and will likely share an exciting first time together. Their suck-face sesh at the altar is probably just the beginning of their passionate relationship.

But enough about sex. The show is decidedly about people who don't have any, and I hope the subject matter is treated with respect. This weird kiss promo is designed to reel viewers in, I get that, but I hope this isn't the tone in which the whole special is entrenched. I have a feeling that being a so-called late-bloomer will resonate with a lot of people out there who have yet to lose their virginity, and if the show pokes fun at that, then that's just not cool.

For one reason or another, there's a stigma attached to being a virgin after you've reached a certain age. From 18 to 22 to 25 to 30 to 35 and so on, the age at which someone is supposed to have had sex varies by person, but no matter what the number, I've experienced among my friends that there's a sense of embarrassment that comes along with holding on to one's V card, whether intentionally or not. It's too bad that there's a complex shame that surrounds this sexual dilemma -- a dilemma that shouldn't exist in the first place. Just because you haven't had sex doesn't mean you're an outcast. It also doesn't mean that your first kiss will be an open-mouth disaster in front of your friends, family, and tens of thousands of TV watchers.

Depending on the editors, the Virgin Diaries could be a trashtastic freak show or a respectful documentary presented with tact and appropriate light-heartedness. I hope it's the latter.

Watch the promo video that includes the kiss heard 'round the Internet:

What do you think about the Virgin Diaries? Do you think being a virgin is hard to talk about in our society?


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