3 Very Common Sex Problems You Shouldn't Feel Ashamed to Have

bedThankfully, we no longer live in the stone age. Openly now, we can discuss sex, our sex lives, and what we do and do not want in the bedroom. How often, though, do we actually discuss the PROBLEMS we've faced in our sex lives.

It's time to talk about sex -- and common sexual problems. Because everyone deserves a great sex life -- even you.


The Journal of the American Medicine Association (JAMA), wrote an article in 1999 that unearthed the very real truth: sexual problems are common in both men and women, but more common in women. Here are the common sexual problems JAMA discovered:

Lack of sexual desire -- the lack of interest in sex or desire for sex is common in both men and women -- but more common in women. This lack of desire is temporary for some people and ongoing in others. It can be caused by relationship or emotional problems, as well as a side effect of many types of medications.

Difficulties becoming aroused or achieving orgasm -- sometimes a difficulty becoming aroused is related to decreased sexual desire, but in others, a woman feels sexual desire but cannot actually become aroused. Anorgasmia -- or absent orgasm -- is common and very upsetting to a woman who feels desire and does become aroused. Being unable to achieve orgasm may be sporadic, or it may be ongoing. Obviously, this is a frustrating situation that may lead to a lack of sexual desire.

Pain during sex -- also called dyspareunia is actually fairly common. This pain can begin during sex and last for days following the encounter. Clearly, when a woman feels pain during sex, it may also inhibit her desire to have sex. Sometimes, a doctor can help a woman by searching for -- and treating -- the underlying cause of dyspareunia.

The causes of these common sexual problems can be as varied and complex as we are. We shouldn't be ashamed of having them, but we should work on them. The good news is that by talking to your doctor, you may be able to fix them and enjoy a normal, enjoyable, rockin' sex life.

Have you dealt with any of these issues? How do you handle them? Any tips for others suffering the same types of problems?


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