Rihanna Admits Being Single Isn't 'Cool' at All (VIDEO)

rihanna on ellenBeing that she's such a megastar and keeps churning out hit albums with chart-topping tracks, you'd think 23-year-old Rihanna would think she has it all. But she doesn't -- not by a long shot. She confessed on Ellen today that she's not dating anyone right now, she's "not necessarily happy being single," and flying solo's "not cool." BUMMER!

Thankfully, it's not like she's doing the false modesty thing celebs tend to do. You know, "Oh, I'm just a normal girl, and I have trouble in the dating department, too!" Wah wah. (Sure, because it's not like they can't get on the horn to their publicists and land themselves a new boyfriend in two seconds flat! Pfft.) The real reason she's unattached has more to do with that super-successful career of hers.


She admits that she's something of a workaholic, putting a lot into her job, and it "definitely affects her personal life," which is "pretty much non-existent."

What I find particularly refreshing here is it's not as though she's saying she's particularly proud of that. She admits that prioritizing her work over personal relationships is a mistake ... in the long-run. Check out the rest of what she said when she opened up to Ellen:

Aww! Haha, LOVE the part about how her lacking personal life isn't good for "Her" (ahem, lady parts, ha!). I give RiRi a good deal of credit for admitting she's gotta strike a better balance. There's a lot of pressure on us modern women to say we're perfectly content being alone, but come on, let's be real. We all want somebody to love -- eventually! Don't get me wrong ... there's a time and place to enjoy being single. And I'm all about being a strong, independent woman who works and is passionate about her career. But what good is any of that when you don't ultimately have someone to share your achievements with? When you can't snuggle up with someone after a stressful day? At the end of the day, having just your job and no love in your life stinks!

Here's hoping the "good girl gone bad" finds a guy who isn't intimidated by her talent, success, and drive for her work. She deserves it ... as do we all!

Do you think we're pressured to act like we're happy being single even when we're not?

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