Ashton Kutcher's Last Ditch Effort Gift to Demi Was Stupid & Insensitive

ashton kutcher & demi mooreAshton Kutcher cannot do anything right these days. Poor guy. He seems so eager to do and say the right things but it's all just backfiring in his gorgeous, chiseled face. First there were the idiotic tweets and now there's news that he tried to woo back Demi Moore with a fancy car for her birthday. Not just any car, a Lexus hybrid that cost over $100,000. To Ashton, I suppose nothing says "Sorry for getting caught with a blonde in a hot tub" quite like an expensive gift. While an extravagant present might appease some ladies, Demi's no fool. I bet she took one look at that car and realized that a swift and definitive divorce was really the only option.


Demi's birthday was November 11 and the divorce papers were filed on November 17. Obviously, the car did not save any part of their marriage. If anything, it might have made things worse.

The last thing I think a woman wants from a man who owes her an apology is a meaningless gift. To me, there's no easier way out than throwing some money at the situation and hoping that this new toy will smooth things over. It's cold. Personally, I don't want diamond earrings, a new laptop, or a puppy. If a man is trying to make something up to me, what I really want is something from the heart. Something that shows he understands the situation. Something as simple as a surprise home-cooked dinner or a repaired wobbly newel post is so much more appreciated than a materialistic gift given on assumption.

Even if he's caught cheating with a woman and the pictures are splayed on magazine covers from here to Mars, an expensive gift does not convey anything except I thought you'd be happy I spent so much money on you. It doesn't feel good to receive a gift like that. Now I don't know if Ashton could've done or given anything that would've gotten him some leeway with Demi, but the classic mistake he made of buying the car that cost 100 Gs wasn't going to help anything.

Do lavish gifts help smooth things over in your relationship?


Photo via techcrunch50-2008/Flickr

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