Lonely Man Just Trying to Find Love Scammed Out of Life Savings (VIDEO)

cary dolegoGoodness I hate to end a week on a low note like this, but I think we have to talk about how an ex-gubernatorial candidate from Arizona spent his life savings to travel to Ukraine to find a wife. I know. It's sad. But let's just discuss it, everyone can have a good cry about it, then we can hit the bars and toast to the the freakin' weekend. Here we go. Cary Dolego, 53, just wanted to find love. And he kind of thought he found it when he struck up a relationship online with 29-year-old surgeon Yulia. So he sold all of his belongings and flew to Eastern Europe to first find, then marry this wonderful woman.

But Yulia doesn't exist. Not in the way that Cary thought she did, anyway. He was totally scammed. And now he's homeless, broke, and suffering from pneumonia in a shelter in the Ukraine.


So Yulia is a real person, but her account was hacked, and someone was communicating with Cary on her behalf and was charging him per email. The real Yulia learned about what happened -- I'm gathering that this story got a lot of press in her hometown -- and she visited Cary in the hospital.

Their meeting was bizarre. He thought they were getting married soon, she wondered what the hell this crazy American was doing with his arms around her. This may go without saying, but there's no wedding in their future.

Poor guy. I mean ... it seems like something's a little off upstairs. Love makes people do some crazy things, but it doesn't usually leave people destitute on foreign soil without a penny to their name. Dolego needs a hug, and a therapist. I'd venture to guess that he's got a lot of work to do on his emotional health. Hopefully he'll realize that once that's in order, it will be easier to find what he's been looking for. Namely, love.

Watch Cary tell his story.

Has love ever made you do crazy things?


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