The Surprising Thing Your Man REALLY Thinks About Your Body

Being married can often be difficult. Keeping the flame alive 5, 10, and 15 years into a relationship, especially as we age and children get lumped in the mix, can be incredibly challenging. But it's also so very, very worth it. As Cee-Lo Green promises in his latest song, your husband "still loves you anyway."

In a good marriage, he loves you despite your "wobbly bits." It's those very parts you find disgusting -- your juicy thighs or droopy breasts -- that he finds most appealing. The Daily Mail did an article on this and the results were surprising and deeply endearing.

One man said about his wife:


I know Karen is not particularly happy with her B-cup breasts, but there’s nothing wrong with them. Yes, they've dropped a bit because she’s had kids, but so what? I wouldn’t want them any bigger or smaller — they’re just right.

We all are, really. We are all "just right." Mostly, though, we don't feel that. If you ask most any woman, she can find 10 parts of her body she hates and wants to change. A woman I know revealed that she isn't comfortable having doggie-style sex with her husband of a decade because she caught a glimpse of her butt in a mirror the other day and "it wasn't pretty."

If that's all it takes to ruin a whole sex position, then we ladies are in trouble. We need to remember that he is much, much more forgiving. Men like curves, they like juicy bits and the parts that we hate.

I work myself into a tizzy trying to regain my six-pack abs from before kids, but he likes the softer, curvier stomach I am sporting now. He tells me all the time, but I am not sure I believe him. After reading this article, though, maybe I do.

Marriage is about more than two hard bodies who are sexually attracted to one another. It's about love and commitment and hot, hot, deeply connected sex. If he can love my "wobbly bits," maybe I can learn to as well. And then we can go even deeper into our relationship and sex life.

Does your husband love your "wobbly bits"?


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