Tori Spelling Writes Totally Sappy Love Letter to Husband Dean McDermott

tori spelling dean mcdermott and kidsTori Spelling loves hubby Dean McDermott -- even if sometimes, he has silly slip-ups, like getting into motorcycle accidents or tweeting photos of her breasts. In fact, she loves him so much that recently, she wrote him a mushy, gushy message to Dean on her blog, entitled, "A Love Letter to My Soul Mate." Aaawwwwwwww!!! 

These two are really so damn cute together, it's hard not to get a little misty reading just the title of her "ediTORIal." The letter itself? Waterworks-triggering material.


A few of my favorite parts:

Dean ... I've known you my whole life. But only in my heart. I would dream of you for so long. So many represented you. My dad. Every Ken doll I ever played with. Every prince in every Disney cartoon. The lead character in every John Hughes film. Not one guy I ever dated. ... It took me 32 years to find you. But only after I found me could I find you ... You've given me the greatest gift I can ever know. The gift of motherhood.

Ugh, I am such a teary-eyed mess reading this! Who hasn't  been there? Seen the guy of your dreams in so many different places ... looked for him, even while you were looking for yourself? And maybe I'm also majorly sentimental, because, like Tori, I once wrote a letter to my soul mate, a little over five years ago, in fact. I just hadn't met him yet. I knew I was ready to meet my "One," so I kinda put a call out to the Universe, by writing the letter to "the love of my life," a guy whose name I did not yet know. Here's some of what I wrote ...

I'm sick of waiting and wishing and fantasizing and theorizing and dating doh-doh-heads ... All I hope for... a lot of laughter, from you, from me, caused by both of us. Encouragement, trust, and respect would all be cool, too. ...  I can do this whole single thing; in fact, I have it down pretty well. ... I do, however, want to have a companion, a confidante, a Clyde to my Bonnie, a Noah to my Allie. You're him, but it sucks that you're being so damn elusive.

I admit, it was sentimental, Bridget Jones-y, and above all, hopelessly romantic of me to write that letter, but IT WORKED! Almost exactly a month after I wrote the letter, I met my soul mate, my boyfriend of almost five years, the guy I want to spend the rest of my life with.

In Tori's case, acknowledging her inner hopeless romantic to Dean -- and yes, the entire world! -- was very brave. I give her major props for it. She's proud of the love they've found -- wants to shout it from the rooftops, even! -- and who could blame any woman in love for wanting to do that? Plus, I'm sure Tori would agree with me -- putting yourself out there (by writing a letter, a blog post, even a Post-It) is key to finding and cherishing love.  

Would you or have you ever written a letter like these to the love of your life or the one-day love of your life?


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