6 Ways to Overcome Your Sexual Insecurity

bedHaving sex is one of the few things that leave us completely open and totally vulnerable. Emotionally as well as physically. In order to completely enjoy your time in bed, you have to let go. Easier said than done, right?


Here are some of my tips to overcome sexual insecurities and enjoy your time in the bedroom a WHOLE LOT MORE.


1. Masturbate. Getting in touch with what you like and what you don't like will help you to be a better partner, because you'll know exactly what you want. And that is worth it's weight in orgasms.

2. Naked time. A lot of us feel really uncomfortable with the way we look naked. We've put on some weight since college or we have dimples in places that didn't used to have them, and we feel kinda, well, awkward. So take off your clothes and revel in everything that makes you YOU.

3. Make sex a priority. We're all busy. Period. We do so much in any given day that it's easy to forget that sex is important. Not only is an orgasm good for releasing tension (thank YOU, endorphins), but it's a great way to feel close to your partner. So schedule it, put it in your smartphone, whatever you gotta do. Just get it done.

4. Forget perfection. Sex doesn't (usually) last hours. Not every sexual escapade lasts for hours. You don't need to sound (or look) like a porn star to be sexy. Just enjoy the time you do have together in bed NO MATTER WHAT. Feel ugly? Try some ugly day sex positions.

5. Accept thyself. Does touching yourself while talking dirty to your partner rev you up? Do you want to know exactly what your partner fantasizes about doing to your naked body? Just do it. Suck it up, and tell them what you want. Exactly what you want. Then? Enjoy the hell out of it.

6. Keep on keepin' on. Was sex weird when you tried it from behind? Did you feel like you didn't perform well? Only way to fix that is to keep at it. Keep trying it. It's perfectly normal to need to practice certain things before they become like second nature. And believe me, eventually, they will.

Do any of these tips work for you? What would you add?


Image via PlayfulLibrarian/Flickr

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