Making Date Night Happen After You Have Kids

date nightDate night never had a name when you were actually dating. It was coffee on a Tuesday. It was a show on a Wednesday. It was too many drinks and too much fun at any given time. It was anything but "date night" and it was good.
Even after dating gave way to being in a relationship, it was still pretty easy to get out the door on a weeknight. In fact, it was actually better because you didn't have to spend three hours trying to talk your way into strange hearts and stranger bedrooms -- you knew who you were going home with and you could start spooning your way to slumberland while others were still standing awkwardly in doorways wondering what a nightcap really means.
The excuses started with the kids.


Late feedings and early mornings are a nasty combination, and late night frivolity doesn't stand a chance against them. Then there are other factors that nobody ever talks about, that being a homebody syndrome where a night with the family, a little TV, or a good book actually sounds a hell of a lot more fun than paying $12 for a warm beer at some club that makes your head hurt.
Still, there are times when you just have to get out. Maybe there's a band in town or a new restaurant opening, something that strikes that flame of passion that you've been using as so much ambient candlelight. This is where you find yourself wearing your favorite dress or best sports coat while the valet parks your minivan. This is how it happens. This is date night, and you deserve it.
The sitter is booked 'til 11.

How has date night changed for you since having kids?


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