Kat Von D Reveals Disturbing Details About Jesse James

kat von dRemember when Jesse James was the most hated man in America for cheating on everyone's favorite person, Sandra Bullock? Remember how we all took to the streets, protesting his existence, and sent Sandy our life savings just to try and make her feel better? That was a long time ago and I think we all learned a valuable lesson. Everyone except L.A. Ink star Kat Von D, that is. She wanted to show the country that Jesse could change, that he would change for her, but like so, so many women before her, Kat wasn't able to tame the beast. She posted on Facebook this weekend that she just discovered that Jesse cheated on her with not one, not two, not ten, but nineteen different women while he was supposedly in a committed and monogamous year-long relationship with Kat.

That's gotta sting.


She wrote on her Facebook wall that she deserves all the "I told you so"s from everyone, which, I mean, she does and she doesn't. I'm surprised that she's cool with people saying that to her, but she might just be trying to beat everyone to the punch. On one hand, she was blinded by love! On the other, yeah, changing a dude is hard to do. However, what's most surprising about her essay is that she thanks Jesse. She's apparently grateful that he taught her a lesson about how you can't go back in time or something, and how you have to live in the present. It's all a little trite to me -- she sounds like some scorned third grade teacher who's trying to teach a lesson about love to her students who are wondering why she can't stop crying.

Because I just don't know if there are really any lessons anyone can share about love. It's so personal, and unique, and specific to each relationship. Instead of making this some sort of forced didactic moment, I think it would've been cool if she wrote something like, "He cheated on me with 19 women. What an effing jerk. Never talking to that a-hole again. I don't deserve this. On to bigger and better." It would've been a stronger message than thanking him. But like I said, love is so personal that she has to do what's right for her.

Kat seems to be healing in her own way, and that's the most important thing.

Do you think Kat deserves the "I told you so"s?


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