Zuccotti Park Hosts Most Hippie-Dippie Wedding of the Year

zuccotti parkOccupy Wall Street campers may have been evicted -- or even arrested -- last night, but their constant clashes with the New York Police Force won't stop them from continuing to bond over this movement ... or even prevent them from falling in love. Seems like it's a prime spot to do that in Manhattan these days, what with the story about the human megaphone proposal and the other one about the two lovebirds who found one another in the midst of a pepper spray showdown. Now, two more Occupy lovers have met in Zuccotti Park.

Twenty-four-year-old Emery Abdel-Latif and 19-year-old Micha Balon met back in September, while they both were looking for a space in the park to pray. Fast-forward only several weeks later, and they were saying "I do" this past Sunday a.m. in a traditional Muslim wedding in an totally unconventional setting ... right there with all of the Occupy demonstrators in the park. Well, at least it was a swift, cheap way to tie the knot!


Aside from that obvious point, it seems kind of like an alternative (you may say "hippie") fairy tale of sorts. The pair has been gushing to local media that they are just so grateful to have found one another. Micha, who is studying human rights and Middle East studies, has said she's so happy to have found someone who cares about "people in this world" ... who is as selfless as Emery. And Emery, a prospective law student, said, "I'm not sure I believed in love before I met her. She's the person I want to spend the rest of my life with." Totally romantic!! And ... sooo idealistic.

I gotta say, I'm only four years older than the groom, and yet, they seem so young. In a wonderful way. They're so full of hope and so eager to commit themselves as individuals and as a couple to a greater cause. They even said they wanted to get married right there at Zuccotti, because it would help them start their relationship off on the right note. They clearly know what their morals and values are and share them, so that in itself is amazing and powerful. It's so great that they've found one another. I wish them the best of luck with the movement their hearts are obviously in and their marriage.

Did shared values and passion for a cause bring you together with your partner?


Image via bogieharmond/Flickr

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