Why Every Woman Should Have a Vibrator (Yes, Even YOU)

neon pleasure signI bought my first vibrator when I was 21 from one of those skeevy sex shops with a peep-show in the back. I nearly died of embarrassment as I brought it up to the counter and paid for it, even though the guy behind the counter looked bored and unimpressed by my plight. 

Now, I'll march into any old skeevy shop and buy myself anything I want. I don't care WHAT the person behind the counter is thinking about it -- I know what I want and when I want it.

And you should, too! Which is why I firmly believe that every woman should own (at least) one vibrator.


Don't get me wrong, I'm not advocating that you use a vibrator to replace your lover. I wouldn't dare be so presumptuous. However, I think that learning more about what YOU want is the key to so many things.

Learning what turns you on and what doesn't is something that requires practice. Lots of practice. And what better way to practice than with yourself? Your vibrating friend can help you learn precisely what turns you on and what, well, doesn't. Every woman should know what she wants in the bedroom.

Let's face it -- we're not born knowing how to be a great lover. But we learn, as we enter into romantic relationships, that being a good lover, well, it does matter. It should matter to you, too, because the better lover you are, the more passionate the sex, and the more passionate the sex, the more fulfilled you become. I can thank my vibrator for teaching me this.

A good vibrator can help you achieve better orgasms. The more you use your pelvic floor muscles -- what you exercise when you do your Kegels -- the tighter they become. The tighter they become, the more rockin' your orgasms are. So whether or not you have a partner, the orgasms you'll achieve will be explosive.

So while my first vibrator (unironically called "My First Vibrator") has long since gone to vibrator heaven, I've replaced her with more fancy, exciting models. The lessons she taught me, well, they've stayed with me forever.

Do have as much love for your vibrator as I do for mine?


Image via Jinx!/Flickr

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