Best Husband Ever Digs Through Garbage Dump to Find Wife's Engagement Ring

RingHow much does your husband love you? Does he love you enough to, say, dive into a 10-foot-high pile of garbage in order to make you happy?

Let's hope -- if only for our husbands' sake – that we never really need an answer that question. But one wife in Margate, Florida, recently got her response. And it was the right one.

Try this on for a nightmare scenario: Brian McGuinn accidentally tossed his wife's diamond engagement ring (one and a half carats, worth $10,000) in the trash. (He meant to throw away a disposable razor. Oops!) It gets worse: By the time he discovered his mistake, the trash had already been collected from the couple's neighborhood.


His heartbroken (yet quick-thinking) wife, Anna, who is pregnant with the couple's first child, called the waste management company that served their neighborhood, and the company agreed to let Brian dive into more than eight tons of garbage to look for the lost jewel. (Mercifully, they were able to narrow it down to a particular load, a steaming, stanky 10-foot pile they leveled for him to wade through.)

After sorting through who knows what (really, just don't allow your mind to go there), Brian found the sparkly treasure his wife had worn through their five years of marriage (he cutely admitted that, upon discovering it, he let out a "manly scream"), and returned it to her waiting finger. (No, not that finger -- this is a happy story, remember?)

And if that's not sweet enough, Brian told he'd do it all again in a heartbeat if he had to: "She's the love of my life. That ring was meant for her and no one else. She's everything to me."


That kind love and dedication is so much more valuable in a marriage than any ring (yes, even a one-and-a-half-carat, $10,000 ring). We so often get sidetracked on the things we want our spouse (or potential spouse) to provide for us, but a story like this is a great reminder that it's the non-tangible ways in which our spouse demonstrates his love that are most important.

Which is all to say that diamonds are nice, but diamonds rescued from a garbage heap by your one true love are ... priceless.

Do you think your spouse would jump into a pile of garbage for you?


Image via bongo vongo/Flickr

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