Michelle Obama Admits Marriage to Barack Is 'Scary'

michelle obamaOne of the many things I learned from The Kennedys miniseries (starring Katie Holmes as Jackie and Greg Kinnear as Jack) was that being married to the President of the United States is a tough gig. Seems like times haven't changed too much since Camelot, because the current First Lady Michelle Obama was speaking with students from Georgetown University recently and ended up mentioning how "scary" it is to be married to Barack Obama. And not just because he's POTUS.

She's mentioned in the past how her hubby's so driven -- and he always has been, even before he ran for the executive office -- that the path he leads her and their daughters on freaks her out. She said, "He's got big plans. He's always pushing us beyond our comfort zones, and I'm dragged along going, 'What's he doing now? No, not this.'" Wuh-oh! Does this mean there's trouble in Oval Office paradise?


Actually, I don't think so. Michelle's comments are a great indication that the First Couple's marriage is right on track. I love knowing that Barack pushes her out of her comfort zone and that although she may be a little hesitant at first, it seems like she always ends up being happy he gave her the nudge.

In fact, that dynamic probably makes for some of the best marriages. Most of us want our partners to bring out the best version of ourselves, and sometimes, we're too afraid to take risks on our own. Enter a partner with a bold agenda or someone a bit more assertive than you are or a bit more ambitious. That can make everything -- your relationship, your own life -- more exciting and adventurous. You might achieve things you never even thought were possible and learn things about yourself you never even realized, all because your partner encouraged you to face your fears or do something out of character. Even if you get "dragged" into it, as Michelle describes, you'll probably end up being better, stronger, braver, etc. than ever before.

Does your partner push you beyond your comfort zone, or do you push them?

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