Young Straight Man Has Stroke and Wakes Up Gay

gay bed strokeYou know that phrase, "stranger things could happen"? Yeah, we can't use that in this story. I don't think anything has happened that's stranger than this. Chris Birch, a 26-year-old guy from Wales, had a stroke and woke up gay. While he was horsing around with his rugby buddies, he tried to impress them by doing a back-flip but landed on his neck and suffered a stroke. When he came to in the hospital, his fiance and family by his side, he was no longer a straight man. He was a gay man. Once released, he promptly quit his job as a banker and decided to become a hairdresser.

You cannot make this stuff up.


Well maybe you can -- the story is from The Sun -- but Chris and the newspaper insist it's what happened to him. One minute you're a straight dude engaged to be married, the next you're styling updos and living with your boyfriend Jack in an apartment above the hair studio. It's a lot to take in.

Chris goes on to say that before the accident, he wasn't attracted to men, nor did he have any gay friends, but that when he woke up, there was no doubt in his mind that he had to follow his heart, which was telling him to follow the boys. No word on how the fiance felt after her boyfriend switched teams so suddenly, but let's just hope that free haircuts are one of the many conciliatory prizes. 

Docs say that it's possible to have a shift in sexual orientation after a stroke because neural connections something something fire something something reconnect something something, so it's possible that this unbelievable tale is true. But whatever the circumstance for Chris' change, the good news is that Chris is happier than ever now. If he was gay all along and was afraid to come out and used the head injury as an excuse, it doesn't matter. The man is in a better place right now in life and sounds like he couldn't be more pleased.

As for the fiance ... as devastating as this might have been, I'm sure there are some upsides. Since I was a Will & Grace fan, I think I'm an expert on how having an ex lover turn gay is a wonderful gift from above. She and Chris can still hang out all the time, go shopping, talk about their problems in a meaningful way, and swap recipes for the rest of their lives. I wish she, and Chris, and Jack (oh, the coincidence!) all the gaiety in the world.

Have you ever dated someone who's switched teams?


Photo via arriba/Flickr and Shayne Kaye/Flickr

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