There Is NOTHING Wrong With Dressing for Your Man

The idea of "Perfect Wife Syndrome" is often vilified by many women. It is, in effect, a woman who makes a huge effort to cook well, dress perfectly, have sex whenever he wants (not when she wants), and so on. Many take issue with it. But what is so wrong with wanting to be hot for your husband?

I don't necessarily support the idea of a woman having sex when she doesn't want to, but I have no shame about the fact that I keep my body a bit heavier than I might like because my husband likes it (I favor a more athletic look, he likes curvier), and I keep my hair long because he likes it.

After more than a decade together, I am pretty confident about what my husband likes and dislikes and I want to be what he likes. What is so wrong with that?


All people have personal taste and my husband does the same for me. He can't help that he happens to be tall (something I like), but he does keep himself trim and somewhat built because I like it. He keeps his hair short and wears less ratty t-shirts because he knows what I like to see him in.

To me, it is a no-brainer. If you love someone, you want to appeal to their senses and to their tastes. Don't be a slave and do something you hate just because he likes it, of course, but try things outside your comfort zone once in a while and you may surprise yourself.

The fact is, a man isn't a jerk for ceasing to be attracted to a woman who lets herself go any more than a woman is for feeling the same about a man. In a perfect world, we would all skip merrily into old age, feeling deeply attracted to our lover's personality, intelligence, and whole self, but let's be realistic.

We love the way our spouses look. We may not always be 25 with high and tight bods, but we can at least TRY to look our best, right?

If I have "Perfect Wife Syndrome," then so be it. It's working for us. I have a happy hubby.

Do you dress for your man?


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