Flash Mob Marriage Proposal on Train Makes Romantic Saps of Us All (VIDEO)

adam proposes to lucy during train flash mob in londonIf you were to ask me what the ideal place to be proposed to was, the absolute last place I may ever think of would be aboard a commuter rail. To me, there's absolutely nothin' romantic about being packed in like a sweaty sardine going to and from the dirty city. But one guy -- and his buddies from the Adam Street Singers choir -- somehow managed to make one monotonous commute aboard an evening train from London to the 'burbs into a completely heartwarming, unforgettable moment for commuters ... including his girlfriend, Lucy Rogers.

Basically, it was like a live version of Glee erupted on one car of the train, as masses of singers burst into the Bill Withers tune "Lovely Day." Yes, it was a train flash mob!! Awesome! But this wasn't just any ordinary flash mob ... no no no! But Lucy only figured that out once her boyfriend, Adam King, showed up toward the end of song ... and got down on one knee! Say it with me now: Aaaaawwwww.  


Yes, he proposed in the middle of a FLASH MOB on a train. Wow! Talk about an amazing proposal story you'll have to tell your kids and their kids and everyone else's kids, etc. I've never thought an elaborate, super-choreographed proposal like this was the only or even ultimate way to go, but there is definitely something to be said for how much planning the guy put into it.

Seriously -- this marriage proposal sounds like it took the preparation of a Broadway show! Adam and the choir had been rehearsing for MONTHS and he even built a replica of the train car to make sure it would all go smoothly. After all, as he said, they only had a window of about three minutes to get the choir, him, and Lucy all on that same train car. And get this -- he even had to go to the trouble of disconnecting her car battery that morning, so she wouldn't drive to the city! Ha! 

Anyway, here's the video -- which has of COURSE gone viral, for good reason!

Ahh, she seemed genuinely shocked and totally emotional, right? What a cute couple! Hmmm ... I wonder if they'll be able to top this somehow at their wedding!

How do you feel about super-choreographed marriage proposals like this?


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