Sad Groom Sues Wedding Photographers 3 Years After Divorce

wedding photosTodd Remis is really unhappy with his wedding photos. He claims the videographer missed the last dance and the bouquet toss and that the lighting and overall quality of the pictures were sub-par. So Remis decided to sue the photographers. He's asking for a refund of their fee and for the company to pay to re-stage the wedding so that the photos can be re-taken. Hmm. Interesting.

It's odd for two reasons. One, Todd waited six years after the wedding to speak up about the pics. And two: He doesn't know where his wife, excuse me, ex-wife now lives. They divorced back in 2008.


Poor guy. And poor photo company! They've been in business 65 years and this is the first time they've been sued. They say that they've already spent over $50,000 defending Todd's claim and that his misuse of the judicial system is really hurting their bottom line.

I get where they're coming from; Todd decided to sue just before the statue of limitations expired. It was revealed in court that he's been unemployed since 2008, so perhaps money is a motivator. Well that, or love.

I just think anyone who's desperate enough will do some messed up stuff just to get the attention of the object of their affection. He never said so; Todd remains that the so-called bad service he got is the only motivation for the lawsuit, but it sounds like someone's got a case of broken heart disease. I can't help but feel sorry for the guy.

He's kind of out of his mind. Maybe the divorce coupled with his job loss brought him to the end of his rope, and maybe this lawsuit is what he came up with to both get some income and force his wife back into his life. That's sad.

The New York Times tried to reach out to his ex who's believed to be living in her native Latvia, but she didn't return their messages. But Milena Grzibovska, if you're reading this right now, call Todd. He needs someone to calm him down, and you might be just the person to do it. He needs some love. Show him the love, Milena Grzibovska, show. him. the. love.

Why do you think Todd Remis is suing the photographers?


Photo via Marcus Hansson/Flickr

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